Luxury Branding

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Visual Identity

Visual identity is the term used for the application of the brand strategy - or how the brand is presented to the outside world visually. This includes things like: naming, logo, stationery (business cards, letterheads, compliment slips), signage (in the case of a luxury brand store or office), and brand toolkit (sometimes know as a brand book or brand guidelines) which defines the brand's fonts, colours, styles, etc.

luxury lloyd storytelling


Words are astonishingly powerful. They have the ability to persuade, influence and change behaviours. And storytelling with purpose is a recipe for success. We can help you to create a compelling story that will flow into ever corner of your brand universe; from your website, blog posts and marketing materials to your sales presentations, and social media, basically all touchpoints where the brand interacts with potential customers. 


oxygen aviation luxury brochure

Print & Packaging

Luxury print design is an art form, as is finding  a printing company that understands the exceptional standards required of a luxury brand. The same goes for luxury packaging and display deign (point of sale, exhibition stands, etc). We work with some of the finest high-end printers, who understand the high standards of the HNW consumer. Whether you need gilt-edged business cards, leather boxes, or the very best quality paper, we can help.  

Here are some past luxury branding projects. Click to view full size...


Need a new luxury logo, brochure, stationery, packaging, display, or story? Get in touch.


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