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Search Marketing

There are essentially two different types of search marketing (also known as SEO): organic and paid-for. Organic search marketing is about optimising your luxury website / blogs / social media platforms for search so that your chosen keywords rank highly in search engines such as Google. Paid for search (Pay-Per-Click or PPC) is about paying for ads that are seen by people actively searching for what you offer. Both are of equal value for a luxury brand.

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Social Marketing

Social marketing can also be based on optimising search results in an organic and paid-for way. But it is more about building a community that interacts with your brand and shares it's values. You can use social media channels to communicate news, events, product launches, competitions, etc. And again for a luxury brand it's also about using social media to enhance offline activities and encourage consumers to interact with you face to face.

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Content / Outreach

Content / outreach is about creating campaign themes and stories that attract the right consumers to your brand. This can take the form of posting articles on your website, via social media channels, or on other sites (guest posts). It also includes advertising and online PR. Education in and around your brand universe helps to create affinity with your prospects, build trust and credibility and create brand advocates and raving fans. 



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