Do you need a brand guardian?

Luxury Brand Guardian

Many luxury brands don’t have a brand manager or director to police and protect their brand. It’s very easy to let the quality of your communications slip, whether that’s pixellated images on your website, spelling and grammatical errors on ads, or incorrect information in your brochures.  

This all adds up to a lack of attention to detail which for a luxury brand is, I'm sorry to say, completely unacceptable. 

I work with a number of luxury businesses as brand guardian and part time brand manager. My job is to identify any 'weak links' in their communications chain and act as a gatekeeper, checking and signing off everything that goes out to consumers.

It amazing the amount of mistakes that can be found if you look carefully. So I offer you this challenge... I bet I will find a mistake in your communications... whether that's on your website, printed materials, event invitations or email signatures. It could be a spelling mistake, grammar error, low res image, unresponsive mobile site, but I WILL find something ;-)

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Andrew Lloyd