Wealthy Silver Surfers

Luxury Brand Marketing | Over 55s

An increasing amount of luxury consumers are over 65 years old and luxury businesses need to be very aware of this in terms of marketing, particularly in the digital realm. Older consumers are typically wealthier and spend their money more wisely. 

When it comes to digital, photography needs to reflect the aspirations of visitors, text needs to be easily readable and the site needs to be fully responsive, so it will work across all devices (Macs, PCs, tablets & phones) elegantly. In fact the fastest growing age group for iPad sales is 65+. Tablets appeal to this demographic because they are more used to reading a newspaper or magazine than using a computer.

Is your website tablet friendly?

Social Media is also key and it’s not just reserved for the under 25s. An engaging content strategy targeted specifically to people over 65 through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. can help you beat your sales targets.

So, if you are keen on growing your luxury business in 2016 you’d be silly to exclude the silver surfers. If you’d like to talk about putting a plan in place, please get in touch.

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