Sorry competitors, it’s not good enough


Ok look, we’re not into competitor bashing. Really!

We play nicely with other agencies and we believe there’s plenty of work out there for everyone to live happily together in peace and harmony.


What we do take offence to is when things are not done properly (see our last post: if chefs built luxury websites). You see we’re all about attention to detail. And because we work with luxury businesses; that focus is amplified - tenfold.

Words are incredibly important. Some people can write well. Other’s not so well. We get that, but what is not acceptable are mistakes. Mistakes are a no no, especially in the luxury world.

When a potential customer sees a mistake on your website or brochure it sticks out like a sore thumb. It says: we don’t care about the small details, we’re slapdash, and we let things slip.

Ok this is minor in the grand scheme of things, but when it comes to the world of luxury, it’s not.

Anyway, sorry competitors, but it’s really not good enough. You should know better. Here are the perpetrators with their mistakes in bold. It’s not sour grapes - it’s in black and white (and we have screenshots to prove it ;-)

Appnova: If there’s something about your brand that’s supposed to screams, “THIS IS ME!” it’s your website.

Verb Brands: Using UX techniques that are synonymous with responsive design, we were able to create an experience that works seamlessly across screen of all sizes, catering for all users the may visit.

The Luxury Brand Agency: Kensington Dexter is a developer unlike any other: specialized in building beautiful home in London's most exclusive borough of Kensington & Chelsea.

So, if you’re desperate to give your luxury brand the attention (to detail) that it deserves - get in touch.

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Andrew Lloyd