Are private jet websites a bit too sexist and racist?


I Googled private jets the other day. Not because I wanted to charter one (nervous flyer!) but because I wanted to see how they present themselves online. I wasn't very impressed. 

What I saw was a mixed bag. Some have slick looking sites, a professional logo, good story and distinctive point of difference - like Stratajet for example ( However the majority of private jet websites are very poor. Poorly designed, out of date, just generally pretty naff! You would have thought in a saturated market like jet charter when you are appealing to high net worth individuals (who consume luxury stuff like it's going out of fashion) a stunning luxury looking website would be the bare minimum. Clearly not.

One of the things that really got me was the photography. The same shots pop up over and over again across all different sites. And there were tons of photos of middle aged white men getting on or off a jet, on their phone, getting into a Bentley, or being greeted by young white air hostesses! Don't you think that's a bit sexist and racist? Clearly women, black and asian people don't fly by private jet! I'm sure it's not intentional. But it doesn't look good. 

So for all you small private jet brokers out there here are a few tips to make your website better:

  • Try and be sexually and racially diverse in the photos you use please or you'll just end up alienating millions of successful women and entrepreneurs who aren't white middle aged men!
  • Use photography that reflects the service you provide. Instead of using photos of jets with a red sky backdrop or white, silver haired 'catalogue' men, try and use images that point to the experience you want your clients to have, such as: enjoying great food, relaxing, chatting with the pilot, etc.
  • Think about colour. There's a lot of blue, silver and black knocking around on jet charter websites. Think about using different colours.
  • Consider the uniqueness of your brand in relation to your competitors. Spend some time looking at your competitors' websites, if they are all going left, then go right. 
  • Move around your site as if you were your customer. What would their first impression be? Why would they choose you above your competitors? How would they navigate the site?

These things will really help to improve conversion but obviously a great brand, logo and website design will improve it significantly more. If you want to chat, please get in touch.  

PS And if you're a photographer, can we please have more photos of successful black or asian women boarding private jets - cos I can't find many! Thanks :-)

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Andrew Lloyd