If chefs built luxury websites

If chefs built luxury websites

Great design is all about ‘doing it right’. Jamie Oliver put it best a few years back:

“Chefs will eat anything, cheese on toast, bacon sandwiches, anything - but it HAS to be done right!”

He meant chefs aren’t precious about eating à La Carte or Michelin-Star food. They like all kinds of food - but it has to be cooked and prepared just right. The cheese on the Cheese on Toast must be sharp vintage cheddar, golden and crisp on the top with a gooey melted centre. The bacon in the sandwich must be dry-cure, streaky and cooked to a crisp, the bread - factory-made, white and plasticky is fine - but it needs to have ketchup (believe it or not) and not brown sauce.

These are the things only the experts know and this analogy explains nicely what we do here at Luxury Lloyd. We're not always looking to win 'Michelin Stars' for our design work. Many of our clients are service businesses with HNW customers, where trust, understated-ness and credibility are crucial. These designs lean towards simplicity and clean lines rather than WOW factor, but they still need to be 'done right'.

So when we design a luxury website, we obsessive about everything...

Finding just the right images, with the right contrast and resolution. Choosing the perfect fonts (we spend literally hours and hours trying and combining different fonts and testing different sizes and weights). Checking the website on different devices and platforms: phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, high res screens, different resolutions, different browsers, different operating systems, etc. We could go on and on.

On average it takes us around three times longer to create a luxury website than our competitors. Not because we are slow, but because we take time to make sure the ‘dish’ that we are preparing is just perfect. Some call it ’over complication’. We call it ‘doing the job right’.

We aren’t really into competitor-bashing at all but one thing we can’t stand is slackness. So we’d urge you to take a look at our competitors’ websites. Look at the finer details and then check out our site and the sites that we’ve created for our clients for comparison. Hopefully you’ll see that what we do is much more thank skin deep and much more palatable!

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