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A crucial factor in the success of a luxury business comes down to design in one way or another. Whether that’s branding, product design, promotional materials, website, stationery or event invitations, there are almost no exceptions.

For a luxury brand - great design is often as, if not more important than, the product or service that is being sold. Ok, it shouldn’t really be that superficial - but it is. Customers demand it, and on an unconscious level most of the time. Everything about a luxury brand needs to satisfy the insatiable appetite of the luxury consumer. 

A Global Comparison of Wealthy Consumers in Top Markets,’showed a large percentage (73%) of consumers said that the three most important elements of a luxury brand are craftsmanship (65%), design (55%) and customer service (47%)’.

Would you go into a luxury boutique to buy a leather bag, watch, or piece of jewellery and expect a mediocre looking store offering mediocre service and mediocre products? Of course not. Luxury isn’t mediocre - so why have a mediocre logo or website? The good news is that smaller companies with well designed websites and clever positioning will start to steal business from the larger brands purely because of how they look.

If you’d like to find out more about great design and the other secrets to marketing success for luxury brands, get in touch.

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