Is your website turning people off?

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One of my biggest challenges is convincing new prospects that a stunning looking website is one of the most important tools to attract new customers. Often they will argue against this, explaining that the look of the site is secondary to the functionality and the quality of the product or service their business provides. 

I completely disagree. Here’s why...

A stunning visual website implies so much about your business and mostly on an unconscious level. Your website is like a modern day shop front. Would you be happy with a shop that has dirty windows, flaky paint, wonky signage, or dusty window displays? I doubt it. A beautifully designed website says...

  • We are professional and credible

  • We take pride in our appearance

  • We’ve taken the time to prepare our ‘shop window’ to welcome you

  • We want your experience of our brand to be exceptional

  • Everything we do oozes quality

  • We constantly aim to do better and try harder

  • We are humble and at your disposal

  • We are meticulous in everything we do

  • We care about you, our customer

  • We won’t let you down

  • We won’t mess up your order

  • You’re in safe hands

And the crazy thing is, a visitor to your site can get all this information instinctively within the first 3-5 seconds without reading any words! Let that sink in for a moment… 

I liken it to enlisting in the army. During basic training recruits are made to keep everything they own in pristine condition. Like polishing their boots and belt buckles to a mirror shine and keeping their beds made impeccably. There is a reason for this: it teaches discipline and it shows that you will go the extra mile. Often a Sergeant Major knows, the shinier a recruit's boots, the better their future prospects. There’s almost a direct correlation between the two!

The quality of someone’s boots or shoes tells a lot about them, in the same way your website says a lot about your business and the people behind it. So if you want to have a successful luxury business, or any business for that matter, your website (and logo, print packaging, etc.) need to be EXCEPTIONAL. No excuses allowed ;-) 

All the little details like choosing the right fonts, line spacing, colours, images, white space, etc, added together are much greater than the sum of their parts. Often, if you ask them, people don't know why they are drawn to your brand just by looking at your site, but they can instantly tell the difference between a brand they want to work with and not. It's an instinctive primal feeling. Your job is to make that feeling compelling enough for them to delve deeper and this first step can be achieved with a beautiful looking website.

They say you only get one chance to make a first impression. This is just as relevant in the online world.

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