Is your Luxury PR reassuringly expensive?


The director of a Luxury PR agency once turned up to pitch us in a shiny new Bentley. People asked: “Is this where our fee is going?” – as visions of their marketing budget disappeared in the wisp of a throaty exhaust. Others, on the other hand, were impressed by the £160,000 car, and ready to sign.

This is an all too familiar story. I hear it time and time again from the luxury brands I meet and work with every day. Blinded by the bling, unwitting marketing directors’ sign up to lengthy Luxury PR contracts, only to regret it down the line. Lulled into a false sense of security by a ‘reassuringly expensive’ monthly fee and a posh Mayfair postcode, they’re locked into irreversible contracts. 

The truth is: good PR doesn’t have to be expensive to be effective. It just needs experience, tenacity, rock-solid contacts and a nose for a good story. 

Because when you’ve got a luxury product or service to promote—and let’s be honest, even the most sought-after brands are watching the pennies these days—you want tangible results that contribute straight to the bottom line.

So before you sign that Luxury PR contract, be sure to ask: 

  • Where exactly is my money going?

  • Do I need to tie myself in for 12 months?

  • Who is actually doing my PR now I’ve signed the contract?

  • Is the agency transparent with their results?

The average luxury PR monthly retainer starts at £5k a month (+ expenses). And in the majority of cases, you’re locked in for at least a year. That’s £60k in fees alone.

Clients regularly come to me with a feeling they’ve been ripped off, palmed off on to junior staff—and with little to show for it. But it is possible for your luxury brand to navigate the uncharted waters of luxury PR and come out quid’s in. And it is possible to secure great coverage in good quality titles, without remortgaging your home!

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