Are you ready to LEVEL UP⇡ your luxury brand?

Luxury Lloyd Level Up Your Game

Has your luxury business hit a wall? It may not be obvious - but you know it’s there.

Your business is doing well. You have happy clients and regular referrals. Your brand has grown organically through your pre-existing network. Life is good.

But you’re not growing!

It’s not about resources. Your staff can service twice as many clients, you have capacity, you are well funded. No, it’s more about fresh blood. As the saying goes: ‘If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got’.

There’s only a certain amount of times you can sell to or recycle current leads. And then your business starts to decline. We call this the ‘organic growth bottleneck’. And many of our clients are in this exact same boat, from fine jewellery makers and private client insurance brokers, to interior designers and fashion houses. They have all plateaued at a certain level and are looking for help to grow.

At the board meeting different people have different views as to how to take the business forwards: ‘Brand Strategy’ says one. ‘A new name & logo’ says another. ‘Digital Marketing’… ‘A new website’. There are lots of ideas and the answer is quite possibly… all of the above.

But where do you start? And who can you trust?

That’s where we come in…

We offer small organically-grown luxury brands a strategically focused understanding to achieve business growth. We provide them with the tools they need to become the very best version of themselves to be successful.

Our tried-and-tested method, developed over 15 years focuses on three areas:

  1. Strategy (brand strategy, brand positioning, brand definition, naming, etc)

  2. Creative (logo design, guidelines, web design, print design, packaging, etc)

  3. Marketing (marketing strategy, campaign creation, digital marketing)

So as you can see we are so much more than just a creative agency that design luxury logos and websites - we are luxury business specialists. And we provide pragmatic, actionable strategies designed to grow your business.

So, if you’re ready to LEVEL UP⇡ your game and break through the wall of organic growth, let’s talk! Click here to get in touch today.

Andrew Lloyd