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Do you have a corporate video, or a short film to tell your luxury brand story?

What about 'explainer videos' to educate your customers? Film is crucial for a luxury brand. It tells your story. It maximises visibility. It increases engagement and call to action. In SEO terms, a top 5 video thumbnail will typically attract the same volume of clicks as the standard no.1 ranking in a Google search.

Thomas Pink, the famous shirt maker, recently spent a lot of money on custom made educational films. These cover every topic from ‘how to choose the perfect shirt’ to ‘selecting the right collar’ and this has generated a significant increase in sales.  Have you considered ’how to’ videos for your business? Some ideas:

  • How to select the best watch strap

  • How to choose the perfect gift for him or her

  • How to buy a diamond

  • How to wear a pocket square

  • How to dress for afternoon tea at The Ritz

These videos can be used in a number of ways: on your website, for social media (You Tube & Vimeo channels, Twitter, Facebook, etc.), in store, at sales meetings and in the media. They will drive quality traffic to your website and enhance your brand awareness.

And the quality of your video has to be in keeping with the quality of your brand too...

Remember the M&S food TV ads? With slow motion custard running down a Christmas pudding or juicy jumbo prawns sizzling on a BBQ. Others copied: Waitrose, Aldi - but no one came close. Here’s a clip from their recent ‘Adventures in…’ campaign:

I help luxury businesses to create a unique position in the market, uncover their story, and tell the world via film, photography, branding, web design, etc. If you need help or advice in this area I’d love to hear from you.  

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