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Hi, I’m Andrew Lloyd

I've worked in the luxury industry for over 15 years with brands like: Aston Martin, Bentley, Sunseeker and Quintessentially. In 2014 I launched Luxury Lloyd to offer my expertise to smaller luxury businesses.

Today we have over 30 luxury clients who we have helped to position alongside much bigger luxury brands. So whether you need luxury branding, luxury web design, or luxury content, let’s talk…


Our Team

Keeping our team lean keeps our prices keen. And we expand-to-fit as needed through our network of trusted luxury partners.

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John | Project Manager

John has previously worked in both the retail and art sectors and now manages all our digital projects here at Luxury Lloyd. John is a keen artist and English Country Backsworder.

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Aurélie | Digital Designer

Aurélie has worked as a graphic / web designer in the luxury industry since 2010 with many of the world’s finest luxury brands. She’s also a collector of antique perfume bottles.


Our Partners

Using strategic luxury partners means we can expand-to-fit any size of project, whilst keeping overheads low. The following luxury specialists have worked with us for many years and we consider each one an expert in their field

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Gather Creative is a luxury PR agency based in Cambridge. With hard work and great contacts they deliver exceptional results at a great price.

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Tom is a Creative Director for luxury fashion and lifestyle brands. His work spans all forms of digital media: web, film, campaigns and content. 

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Darrin is a lifestyle and still-life photographer with many years of experience working with luxury brands, from close-up studio work to location photography.

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Unity Online is our digital marketing agency of choice offering online marketing services and solutions to our luxury brand clients with exceptional results.